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Procedure NameSummary
Coffee Dealer License- JACRAA step by step guide on how a coffee dealer gets a Dealer License from the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority
Coffee Works License- JACRAApplication for acquiring Coffee Work Licence
Pharmaceutical Product Registration- MOHRequired procedure to register a product with the Ministry of Health; Pharmaceutical and Regulatory Affairs.
Pharmaceutical Product Registration (Generic) - MOHProcess flow detailing the necessary steps to be taken in order to acquire a Product Licence from the Ministry of Health, Pharmaceutical and Regulatory Affairs.
Import Inspection- FSPIDA step by step by guide on the inspection for imported food
Import Permit of Plant Quarantine Division- PQD Detailed process flow outlining the necessary procedure to acquire an import permit through the Plant Quarantine Division.
Import Inspection - MOH A detailed guide on the steps necessary for the inspection on imported food items
Export Packaging Facility Certification - PQDApproved procedure for acquiring a Packaging Facility Authorization letter from the Plant Quarantine Division.
Import Inspection - NCRAProcedure necessary for attaining approval from the NCRA for commodities imported into Jamaica.
Phytosanitary Certification of Export - PQD This process flow details the necessary steps required to acquire an Export Phytosanitary Certification.
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