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Procedure NameSummary
Coffee Dealer License- JACRAA step by step guide on how a coffee dealer gets a Dealer License from the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority
Coffee Works License- JACRAApplication for acquiring Coffee Work Licence
Pharmaceutical Product Registration- MOHRequired procedure to register a product with the Ministry of Health; Pharmaceutical and Regulatory Affairs.
Pharmaceutical Product Registration (Generic) - MOHProcess flow detailing the necessary steps to be taken in order to acquire a Product Licence from the Ministry of Health, Pharmaceutical and Regulatory Affairs.
Import Inspection- FSPIDA step by step by guide on the inspection for imported food
Import Permit of Plant Quarantine Division- PQD Detailed process flow outlining the necessary procedure to acquire an import permit through the Plant Quarantine Division. This includes flowers, seeds, fruits, vegetables, horticulture, coffee, cocoa, coconut, silica, sand, banana,
Import Inspection - MOH A detailed guide on the steps necessary for the inspection on imported food items
Export Packaging Facility Certification - PQDApproved procedure for acquiring a Packaging Facility Authorization letter from the Plant Quarantine Division.
Import Inspection - NCRAProcedure necessary for attaining approval from the NCRA for commodities imported into Jamaica.
Phytosanitary Certification of Export - PQD This process flow details the necessary steps required to acquire an Export Phytosanitary Certification.
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